How Good is Glovo Food Ordering Service?

The exploitation of their riders has centered almost all of the negative media attention that Glovo. This is a nice change of perspective, but a large part of the story is still left out: the restaurants that “collaborate” with Glovo. This is critical because restaurants are the company’s actual revenue source, not the € 1.90 that customers are paying for a delivery.

By charging a fee to the restaurants with which it has a contractual “collaboration,” Glovo makes its real money: 22 to 30 percent of the value of the food shipped. Generally in Romania, Glovo will cost between 1 and 4,00€ if you order hamburgers, shawarma or pizza worth about 10€ from a nearby restaurant. Some even have free delivery. Although a restaurant must give Glovo a portion of its income on delivery orders, according to the company’s statement, it will still benefit because of the spike in overall orders. To sell this story, the company sends ads to local businesses providing “random” samples of the sales of other restaurants, showing as much as 190% growth in orders from one month to another. Glovo implies that it adds orders, practically for free, to the established company of the restraint, and is happy to share the profits.

So how is it Glovo for customers in Romania?

I can say I’ve done lots of orders from Glovo and they’re service is great. Not only you get good food from well known restaurants but also the transport fees are very low and the order is delivered in 1 to 3 hours. The delivering guys are polite and very responsive getting you exactly what you ordered to your door.

I believe you wanna know what I usually order from Glovo and to be honest I mostly order KFC like Giant Bucket (with 10 Crispy Strips 300 g, 10 Hot Wings 200 g, 10 Fillet Bites 170 g, 4 big portions of fries 480 g), Salad with Fillet Bites, Vegetarian Twisters and Fillet Bites. Sometimes the Crispy ones are too hot for my taste which I complement with some Fillet Bites and sometimes I like the Salad allot. The vegetarian twisters are also very good and not too expensive.

I even got free delivery coupons for my orders 3 times in a row which makes you order more without the extra cost. If you wanna order with Glovo I leave to your preference what to choose from they’re menu as you’ll surely find something for your taste.

What countries is Glovo getting order in:

Glovo is operating in more than 20 countries worldwide as of July 2019. In Africa: Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt and Uganda. In Asia: Kazakhstan (four cities: Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Shymkent, Atyrau) Kyrgyzstan. I Central America: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama, Honduras. In Europe: Croatia, France, Italy, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Spain, Ukraine, Georgia. In South America: Argentina, Ecuador, Peru. In Caribbean: Dominican Republic.

Is it worth it?

As a customer given the fact that you get food delivered to your door with low cost delivery and sometimes you get even promo codes with free delivery I say it’s worth it.

As a business is also worth it since you have a market for your food products open all the time to new customers, you get lots of orders from Glovo which is a win for both sides.

Given all my personal opinion is that you should try they’re service and find out for yourself, nothing to loose here. You can download they’re app and maybe decide to order here.

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