Self-Motivation: How to retain it

Everyone knows about self-motivation. It’s that ‘feel-good’ thing that you get when you do something amazing or something that you are proud of! However, like everyone else, we’ve also got the times where we just want to curl up into a tiny ball and pretend like we have it all under control. Human emotions dictate how we feel and, in turn, how motivated we are to do things. So, here are a collection of tips to get you set up and on the path to your goals.

Have your end goal in mind!

You ever get that feeling that you’re just not getting any closer to the end, or that you lost your goal when traveling to it? You can either do one of two things. Either you can improvise the original goal. or you can try and keep the end goal in mind. Keep notes on the journey you’re taking though, as most times that’s better than the destination.

Don’t let disappointment or anger get the better of you.

If you’re in a mindset that makes you bitter, sad, angry, or anywhere in the negative emotion range, just remember that this is one disappointment out of so many joys in the world! Even if you aren’t in a place or a situation you want to be right now, don’t let that stop you from doing what you set out to do. Everyone is going to have just awful days, that’ll always be the bad feature of life, but the point is to not let that derail you from what you were shooting for. Just know that there are many more happy days ahead.

Don’t do it alone.

Some goals are for your personal betterment, if not all, but why go at it alone? Invite a friend, or just have a supportive group to help you achieve your goals. If anything, it might even increase the motivation you have at the moment.

Break down your big goals into smaller steps.

You know that goal that you feel like you just can’t complete even though you try very hard? It might be that your goal is too large to complete all at once. Maybe the best thing to do is to take small steps. Small steps eventually, no matter how slow, turns into an amazing journey by the end of it.

Evaluate and Reflect.

It’s crucial to evaluate and reflect, or look over your goals and what you did to get there. Here, you can plan if you need to do anything else or if you’re not liking how something is going, there is always room to improvise and the like.

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