Myths about Technology

We all know those myths.,. Like how you can overcharge your phone. How you can put the battery of a certain electronic in the freezer to extend the life of it when in reality it just doesn’t do that. Surprisingly, many people actually believe these things. Some have roots in the way we used to view electronics, but in this day and age, electronics and technology as a whole has gotten to a whole other level. Where people once worried about things crashing, exploding, now you have the near sleek-perfection of modern-day, cutting edge machines. However, misinformation is still being spread. Let’s take a look at them here.

“More bars means better speed.”

Contrary to popular belief, those bars over your WI-Fi or Mobile Data is for how strong the signal is. It has nothing to do with how good it is. You can have full bars and yet have the internet be slow as a slug if other people are on it or if it’s just naturally slow. Even if the two correlate, “Full bars” does not necessarily mean “faster speeds.”

“Charging your phone overnight leads to an explosion.”

Back in the times that phones were just becoming a big thing, the media was pumping out stuff about how phones experienced a battery explosion when they were left plugged in overnight. Now, this still does happen, but not while charging. The phone can explode almost anywhere, which sounds even worse than the overnight one, but the chances of that happening are very slim.

Fast charging is bad for the phone’s battery:

Again, phones have become very fast and capable of a lot more now than they ever were before. This includes when you fast charge. It doesn’t drain or deplete the battery life further, it only allows more currents to enter it, and therefore allowing for it to charge faster.

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