Tips for Beginning to Garden

I know, I know. Who has time for it nowadays? In the midst of busy schedules and people trying to desperately greet their friends and family as we are all slowly trying to get back to a sense of normalcy. However, it is always important to look back at the other, mind-freeing side of things. Here are 3 tips that can prove useful for beginners.

Make sure your hoe is sharpened!

Turns out that, no, hoes are not usually sharped when you buy them. If anything, they’re as dull as a rock. Therefore, it is recommended to use a grinder, whetstone, some type of light oil, wire brush, etc. Many people don’t know you’re supposed to sharpen a hoe in order to take down weeds, but while you can do it with a dull one, a sharper tool makes it go so much faster. Just, you know, be sure to watch your legs and how hard you swing it.

Wear a sunhat!

Chances are, you’re going to be working out in the heat of summer for majority of your time spent gardening, so wearing a sunhat is one of the better ways to keep the sun off your head. Yes, it seems cliché, but it is found that it works for many people. Better to keep a bit protected than to end up sick.

Try to relax your back afterwards!

You’re likely going to be leaning down often and hoeing a garden, which can cause a lot of pressure on your back. Therefore, once you go inside for the day, it’s recommended that you attempt to keep your back from pulling a muscle or growing too sore to lean down. Try an ice-pack or some type of soreness creams to remedy it once you inevitably do get it.

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